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3 Essential Estate Planning Tasks

3 Essential Estate Planning Tasks

2015 is only weeks away, but we still have time to work on your top priorities.  Planning your estate can definitely be overwhelming and it is tempting for many people to keep putting it off, however it is very important that everyone gets certain documents […]

Things to do before the end of the year

Now that it’s December, it’s a good idea to make a push to accomplish some things on last year’s list of Resolutions and plans for the year. This is an article from a few years ago, but I think that the recommendations are still good […]

The Holidays: A Time to Give Thanks and Think of the Future

As we enjoy the holidays with our family and friends, it is a wonderful idea to take stock of all that makes us thankful.  We often have an opportunity to get together with family that we may not see on a day to day basis […]

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