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Special Needs Planning

When your child or family member has special needs, caregiving can be a lifetime job.  Whether your child is 6, 16, or 36, thinking about what might happen to your loved ones when you are gone can cause greater worry.Estate planning for a person with a disability is a special type of plan.  You can ensure that your loved one always has someone to protect their legal rights.  Unless you plan for them ahead of time, however, their governmental benefits can be diminished or even lost after you pass.  A traditional will is not enough to ensure that your loved one with special needs will be protected.  If they inherit money directly, they may lose their benefits and then even a generous inheritance may not last.We can put a plan in place to protect your wishes for your loved one.  We can set up a Special Needs Trust that can protect funds that can supplement other benefits, rather than replace them.  We can help you decide who will be an appropriate guardian for you loved one, determine who should be the Trustee and manage your loved one’s assets, and we can document your wishes for your loved one’s future care and needs.

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